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Hello, and thank you for consulting my web page.


As I write this I am languishing with a broken wrist at home in Sussex; meanwhile my latest book The Lunar Cats has just set sail, and I can honestly say I’ve never felt happier about publication than with this book. It is a follow-up to Cat Out of Hell, and is narrated by the same chap, but I loved taking my Evil Talking Cat stuff into new realms – especially in the form of Thomas Timkins, a scientific cat of the 18th century who writes his own sea journal on the Endeavour with Captain Cook. The blurb reads:


When you are an inoffensive retired librarian with bitter personal experience of Evil Talking Cats, do you rescue a kitten from the cold on a December night? Do you follow up news items about cats digging in graveyards? Do you inquire into long-ago cats who voyaged with Captain Cook? Well, yes. If you are Alec Charlesworth, retired librarian extraordinaire, that is precisely what you do…


In other news, I am in negotiation with Bloomsbury for another sequence of novels, the first to appear in 2018. But until the deal is done, I am sworn to secrecy.


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