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Elie Saab2015 spring and summer clothing show, as always, is looking forward to many fans. Elie Saab season's theme is "embrace the deep sea," presents a beautiful and diverse underwater world. Little P teacher invited went to Paris to attend the big show, for YOKA bring a wonderful site reviews. Elie Saab season's theme is "embrace the deep sea," presents a beautiful and diverse underwater world. Color respect, Saab breaking the previous conventions preference neutral solid, extensive use of bright, colorful and psychedelic prints gradient effect,cheap hollister, vividly depicting the sea-level changes under different light and colorful tropical fish, coral reefs and other magical landscape. Little P teacher invited went to Paris to attend the big show, for YOKA bring a wonderful site reviews. Little P teacher (PERRY) overall stylists, the media profession as "amazing shape magician," Asia's popular stylist. Founder comparable to that magic charm JMIXP cosmetics brand founder, PS modeling creative director.

In makeup, the face will be a prominent focus, that is part of the eye, it will choose a little blue lightning, a thick blue line of eyeliner to make the overall look has a bright spot, but other parts of the watch up very clean with simple but elegant. Little P teacher also said: If the girls wear these gorgeous feminine clothes, but also has the effect of reducing the age, in the makeup with hair on it with reference to this show, it will use a very simple makeup very light makeup, with a very lazy on a type of loosely disorderly hair, looks very young, temperament, but there is a star looks great flavor. Elie Saab2015 season of spring and summer clothing throughout the past gorgeous, elegant and charming style, the use of flowing chiffon, lace and fabrics next to the skin as a silhouette, and different from the past season's clothes plus a resort style elements in the fabric the use of a gradient design makes layering clothes with color changes become very rich. The second half of the show, Elie Saab mainly on what they do best use beaded evening dress, the proportion of lace, beading and embroidery appropriately, very subtle, impressionistic to describe the texture and subtle changes in tides, waves, combined with the 70s popular spacious, elegant silhouette, like the tides bring inspiration and gentle. Pui Ling Fei blinked no crepe dual eyeshadow eyeliner to bring you an unprecedented anti-wrinkle, anti-blooming experience. Easy color, and the flowers can firmly locked general beauty. Cushnie et Ochs dress style inspiration this season after Muse is a modern version of Cleopatra, Maybelline New York Global Makeup artist Yadim perfect to bring out more of this style,cheap hollister uk,designed a chic extremely exaggerated cat eye makeup. Maybelline New York Global Makeup artist Yadim Carranza Cleopatra in order to meet the modern style, designed a very exaggerated, chic trendy cat eye makeup. Imagine, Cleopatra appeared in the US Hamptons resort feel. Air cushion technology, natural integration with the skin, silky silky dream; light fitting skin, perfect concealer, zero pores Body; silty virtually grain-free, breathable air like light; 8 hours lasting moisturizing, can not afford leather, nothing to do grain; in particular add sunscreen formulations SPF 24 PA ++; suitable for all skin types, sensitive skin can also be used; 8 colors fit Chinese women complexion. Show Iraq came to share their usual dress with it actually would not say how much your outfit with several sets but still pretty recent eyesore ~ feel good ~ so come up and share with the less likely sister, You can buy a suit, so the total can not go wrong wearing a suit - European style striped design from Nine pedicle flagship store, very lively feel European style emphasis is on casual clothes - in fact, do not let control us, and have enough confidence HOLD live clothes; lacy little shorts, with black leggings, thin it again with a pair of boots - neutral style nude color balance under fancy dress costumes when enough time,hollister outlet lower body as much as possible to be simple and uniform color professional can significantly skinny pants too liberal bias, so as to highlight the slender legs - if coupled with a long sweater chain points the better it looks very warm, autumn as the ride or outer wear are good too autumn and of course personality Floral sweater personalized sweater - it rose red bag hip skirt coupled with a very elegant feminine autumn of course it is cold when you can wear black pantyhose on the inside so thin it both warm and autumn there will essential in the case of wool coat it my favorite big loose sweater coat loose, which must be exposed legs so slender lower body bloated I do not really like this kind of lazy child norm.