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A Home Truth (1995)
Thirty-minute afternoon play produced by Peter Kavanagh, with Geraldine James and Nick Le Provost. A cleaning lady takes over someone’s life.

This play was shortlisted for a scriptwriting prize at the Prix Italia, and formed the original idea for the novel Going Loco.

Thirty Minutes to Kill (1996)
Thirty-minute afternoon play, produced by Peter Kavanagh; a two-hander set in real time, starring Haydn Gwynne and Michael Maloney. Mick and Hilary have thirty minutes to get out of the house and go on holiday. The same characters appear in Place of the Invalids.

Ladies' Day (1997)
Saturday Play (one hour) about sexism in golf clubs. With Josie Lawrence, James Grout, Nicholas Farrell and John Rowe. Produced by Peter Kavanagh.

Summoned by Shelves (1999)
A 45-minute afternoon play set in a library in 1973. Produced by Brian King on location in a north London library, starring Sam West, Douglas Hodge, Rachel Atkins, Cheryl Campbell, and John Rowe.

Place of the Invalids (2000)
45-minute two-hander, set in real time, recorded in a real house, produced by Brian King. Haydn Gwynne and Michael Maloney reprised Hilary and Mick from Thirty Minutes to Kill.

Beside the Seaside (2002)
45-minute adaptation of short story by Roy Kerridge, set in the Brighton underworld of the 1960s. Produced by Karen Rose of Sweet Talk Productions, and starring Richard Griffiths, Will Keen and Samantha Spiro.

Cold Calling (2004)
45-minute afternoon play, composed entirely of call-centre conversations. Shortlisted for the Peter Tinniswood prize, and produced by Karen Rose. Starring
Katy Murphy, Kulvindar Ghir, and Jason Hughes.

Bora Bora (2008)
60-minute play set on a painting holiday on a Greek island. Produced by Ned Chaillet, and starring Derek Jacobi, Corin Redgrave, Adrian Bower and Cheryl Campbell.

Giving Up the Ghost (2008)
60-minute play about a haunted fireman wrestling with unexpressed grief. Produced by Kate McAll and starring Adrian Bower, with Struan Rodger, Jeff Rawle, Joe Absolom, Brendan Charleson, Richard Nicholls and Sara McGaughey

The Christmas of Inspector Steine (2013)
45-minute Christmas special for Radio 4, produced by Karen Rose for Sweet Talk, with Michael Fenton-Stevens, Samanatha Spiro, John Ramm, Matt Green and Robert Bathurst.

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