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A Certain Age (2002)
Six 30-minute monologues about a mother, a daughter, a wife (and so on), produced by Dawn Ellis, with Siobhan Redmond, Janine Duvitski, Rebecca Front, Lesley Manville, Lindsay Coulson and Dawn French.
This series is available on BBC Audio, and the scripts are contained– along with the equivalent series of male monologues from 2005 – in the Profile Books publication, A Certain Age.

Full Circle (2003)
Six half-hour duologues, arranged La Ronde-fashion, focusing on relationships between friends, ex-partners, builder-and-client, neighbours, and colleagues. Produced by Dawn Ellis and starring Claire Skinner, Phyllis Logan, Michael Maloney, Phil Davies and Sheila Hancock.

A Certain Age (2005)
Six more 30-minute monologues, produced by Dawn Ellis, with Douglas Hodge, Robert Glenister, Peter Capaldi, Stephen Tompkinson, Simon Russell Beale and Stuart Milligan.
These will be available on BBC Audio in 2007; the scripts are contained in the Profile Books publication, A Certain Age.

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