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A View from Abroad (1999)
Produced by Kate McAll. A one-off 30-minute feature about golf, recorded at the K Club in Ireland.

Look Both Ways (2001)
Produced by Erika Wright, a one-off 15-minute programme about the zebra crossing.

The Indispensables (2002)
Produced by Erika Wright, four half-hour programmes on inventions we couldn’t live without: car radio, photocopier, colour television, photography.

Cutting a Dash (2002)
Produced by Penny Vine for Testbed Productions, five 15-minute programmes on punctuation, issued as audiobook by BBC Audio.

Alphabet: As Easy as ABC (2003)
Produced by Angela Hind for Pier Productions, five 15-minute programmes about the alphabet.

The Indispensables (2003)
Produced by Erika Wright. Second series of three half-hours: deodorant, zip and paper cup.

The Indispensables (2004)
Produced by Erika Wright. Third series of three half-hours: the lift, the baby buggy and the fax machine.

Betty MacDonald Had a Farm (2008)
Produced by Sara Jane Hall. Half-hour documentary on the neglected American humourist Betty Mac Donald, author of The Egg and I.

Archive on Four: Did I Really Ask That? (2009)
Produced by Sara Jane Hall. 60-minute programme using my personal archive of cassette interviews with famous playwrights in the 1980s.

Calibrated Conundrums (2011)
Produced by Erika Wright. On the language of science.
Archive on Four: From Easy to Cryptic (2012)
Produced by Erika Wright. On the history of crosswords

Archive on Four:Embarrassment (2016)
Produced by Kevin Mousley

A Short Story of TIM (2016)
Produced by Susan Kenyon. The speaking clock at 80 years old.


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