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Books and Co (1994-5?)
Produced by Ned Chaillet and Lisa Osborne. Twenty-four three-minute monologues for Gavin Muir about a struggling writer at a writers' group.

Dear Diary (1994?)
A 30-minute script, produced by Kate McAll. Tony Robinson as a cat, presenting the regular programme “Dear Diary” on fictional diaries.

Tidal Talk from the Rock Pool (1997 and 2012)
Produced by Sarah Blunt, for the Natural History Unit. Six 15-minute monologues, for a periwinkle (Bill Wallis), a hermit crab (Geoffrey Palmer), an anemone (Alison Steadman), a goby fish (Greg Proops), a limpet (Judi Dench) and a lug-worm (Tony Robinson). The limpet was shortlisted for a Sony Drama Award in 1997.
In 2012, new recordings for Radio 4 were made in front of a live audience at the More Than Words festival in Bristol, with Samantha Bond and Sean Power taking over as the limpet and the goby fish.

Out of Her Senses (1998)
Produced by Ned Chaillet. Five 15-minute readings for Christmas 1998, in which the five senses each tell the same story from their own point of view. Read by Miriam Margolyes.
Other half-hour Natural History Unit monologues, for Jane Horrocks (a chicken), Geoffrey Palmer (a taxonomist), June Whitfield (a squirrel) and Tony Robinson (a fox).

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