A Dictionary of Sussex Dialect

A Dictionary Of The Sussex Dialect

With an introduction by Lynne Truss

Published March 2008

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Strap on your backstays and plunge into the Reverend Parish’s Sussex word-hoard. Find out what aumry means; and bozzler, camsteery, dwairs, ellynge, gazel, hogo, jaunce, keblock, lapsy, mizmaze, noration, ox-tights, pettigues, quotted, rave-cart, slocksey, tom-bacca, unked, vlothered, whiffle and yoster.

The Reverend W.D. Parish was the vicar of Selmeston; although not a great deal is known about him, he seemed to be more interested in lexicography than soul-saving, noting down Sussex usage from old plays and even the smugglers who stored contraband in the church crypt.

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