Life At Absolute Zero

Available from October 2021

Published October 2021

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26 short stories about the eccentric inhabitants of Meridian Cliffs, a small, wind-battered town on England’s South Coast


‘Very few writers read their own work well on the radio, but Truss is an exception. Her voice and timing suit the material perfectly’   The Lady


Welcome to Meridian Cliffs. Located at exactly 0 degrees 0 minutes west, and 0 degrees 0 minutes east, it’s where the Greenwich Meridian meets the Channel, and time stands poised at absolute zero. But due to ever-increasing coastal erosion, it’s getting smaller every day…


The residents of this curious town are easy to identify from their habit of shouting to be heard against the wind even when they’re indoors. There’s Sarah Birkett, granddaughter of the town’s founder, who longs for a small improvement to her life, retired driving instructor Terry and his rescue dog Thelonius (the team mascot of Meridian Cliffs FC); carpet supremo Hugh Velvey, whose business and life are destroyed by arson and murder, and Ravi, whose curry house is the scene of a dramatic confession – and some unsettling news.


All are harbouring secrets, desires and dreams, and over the course of four series, we hear about their thwarted ambitions, hidden passions and forlorn hopes – and eavesdrop on a few typically sticky British moments. Beautifully observed, gently comic and often moving, these sublime short stories are written and read by Lynne Truss.


Production credits

Written and read by Lynne Truss

Directed by Kate McAll

A Pier production for BBC Radio 4

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4, May 2016-April 2019


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