Twenty-Odd Ducks

Twenty-Odd Ducks

Why, Every Punctuation Mark Counts!

Published August 2008

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Commas and apostrophes aren’t the only punctuation marks that can cause big trouble if they?re put in the wrong place. Now, Truss and Timmons put hyphens, parentheses, quotation marks, periods, and more in the spotlight, showing how which marks you choose and where you put them can cause hilarious mix-ups.

A Few Words From Lynne

The punctuation marks you use (and where you put them) can completely change the meaning of what you write. “Twenty-odd ducks” is an estimate of how many are waddling by, but “twenty odd ducks” would not only be a big group, they’d be a very strange looking. Imagine this without the middle period and the comma: “The king walked and talked. A half hour after, his head was cut off.” Oh no – a beheaded king that can still walk and talk!

Along with the Eats, Shoots & Leave: Why, Commas Really Do make a Difference! and The Girl’s Like Spaghetti: Why, You Can’t Manage Without Apostrophes!, Truss and Timmons’s punctuation hilarity now includes hyphens, parentheses, quotation marks, colons and more.

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