Life at Absolute Zero (Series Two)

Broadcast 2017

A major Radio 4 commission to write blocks of stories concerning the people of Meridian Cliffs, a windy town on the South Coast where the Greenwich Meridian meets the sea. A third series will air in 2018. All the stories are read by the author. The producer is Kate McAll.

Series Two (2017)

  1. In Your Dreams – Alan Jeffreys, chair of the drama society, is his own worst enemy
  2. Pavlovian – Young dog walker Ashley loses a dog down a hole (and it’s a bit symbolic)
  3. The Shortest Way Home – Sarah Birkett’s love life suffers from how quick she is to make up her mind
  4. Houseroom – Retired driving instructor Terry finds solace in an old yellow suitcase
  5. The Limit – Carpet fitter Jack becomes obsessed with cars speeding on a 20mph hour stretch of road
  6. Accept No Substitute – Sarah Birkett’s ex husband should never have settled for own-brand when he remarried
  7. Mrs Manville Disposes – Mrs Manville tries to downsize with dignity, but it’s like being attacked by a plague of locusts
  8. In Cold(ish) Blood – A fire at Velvey’s carpet showroom draws the attention of an ambitious young reporter
  9. Darren Springs Forward – The most famous resident of Meridian Cliffs (ex-daytime TV) tries to reignite his career
  10. In the Dark – A power cut at Ravi’s curry house leads to a dramatic confession
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