Broadcast 2018

A major Radio 4 commission to write blocks of stories concerning the people of Meridian Cliffs, a windy town on the South Coast where the Greenwich Meridian meets the sea. A third series will air in 2018. All the stories are read by the author. The producer is Kate McAll.

Series Three (2018)

  • Consequences – The widespread fall-out from the murder and arson at Velvey’s Carpets, including an unexpected tomato glut and a dodgy tattoo.
  • You Never Said – Alan Jeffreys, chairman of the Meridian Cliffs Drama Society, chooses to ignore a series of mysterious illiterate texts, with unforeseen consequences.
  • The West Wing – By night, Sarah Birkett dreams of discovering new rooms in her house. But could the dreams be something to do with letting a new man into her life?
  • Tristan da Cunha – Jess, the hairdresser, keeps a map of the world on the salon wall, with pins for each client from far-flung places.
  • Waiting for JB – Long-divorced Peter, a retired university don, braces himself for a visit from his infuriating brother.
  • Weemails – Terry, a retired driving instructor, hates the idea of social media; but what is his dog Thelonious up to, with all his sniffing and weeing?
  •  Protective Colouring – As Edith Swann’s great painting “Cliffs Above Newhaven” is considered, one of the ladies in Jenny’s art class is worried that her secret past will catch up with her.
  • Speed Kills – A white van is causing consternation among the local speed-watchers. Meanwhile Hugh Velvey finds peace after the arson attack on his carpets business.
  • A Weight off His Mind – Colin treasures his collection of improving books. But as lapses in his memory become more apparent, his wife Shirley spots an opportunity for a bit of decluttering.
  • The Day the Earth Moved Slightly – Harmony is temporarily shattered when it transpires that the Meridian Line has moved. But the community comes together again as everyone gathers to say goodbye to the great man of carpets.
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