The Proceedings of that Night

Released 2011

The Proceedings of that Night

Early in 2011, the designer/director Simon Scullion approached me about staging my short story The Proceedings of that Night, a postmodern-ish kind of ghost story that had been first broadcast on Radio 4 eight years earlier. My initial reaction was that it wouldn’t work (I have terrific instincts in such matters). I said that what worked about the story was that it was a story that turned into a play; if you stage it as a play, there’s no surprise. But Simon didn’t see a problem. He saw it as a play and asked if he could go ahead anyway. Luckily, I said yes.

The result was a half-hour slot at the Pleasance Courtyard in the 2011 Edinburgh festival, with Martin Miller terrific as the hapless actor caught up in the story he is reading down a line to a remote studio. When I wrote Hell’s Bells for Edinburgh 2012, I decided to keep the studio/headphones theme. If we ever stage the two plays together, there will be great economy of props.


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  • Altogether, this play just clicks. It’s short, concise, funny, well thought out and well performed. What more could you ask from a show at the fringe?

    Sans Taste theatre blog (four stars) on The Proceedings of that Night
  • A short, sharp, high-concept half-hour of ghostly thriller that’s well worth the small investment of time it requires … impressively well staged and acted, it’s like The Ring with a Radio 4 accent.

    David Pollock, The Scotsman (three stars) on The Proceedings of that Night
  • The plot is refreshingly simple, but an atmosphere of suspense builds throughout the production due to the brilliant solo performance given by Martin Miller.

    Charlotte Pegram, What’s On Stage (four stars) on The Proceedings of that Night
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