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My big news is that Cat Out of Hell is to be published in the US by Melville House at the beginning of March. Getting a US publisher for this very quirky (and very British) book was quite a surprise, and I’m thrilled that not only is the book coming out but that I’ll be doing a bit of promotion for it too, visiting bookshops in Cincinnati, Richmond VA, New York, Washington DC, Boston, Denver, Phoenix and Houston. I have at last selected a suitable reading that doesn’t give too much away, but I still don’t quite know how I can talk about the plot without spoiling it. I will need to work this out quite soon!

Other good news is that the BBC has commissioned another series of buggy natural history monologues for Sunday evenings, which will be recorded later in the year. In the meantime I am working on a follow-up to Cat Out of Hell, featuring (so far) Alec, Wiggy, Captain Cook, Dr Johnson, Dr Johnson’s famous cat Hodge, and also an evil talking kitten with needle-like claws. Whether Roger will reappear remains to be seen, but there are mysterious emails arriving for Alec from an odd Greek email address, trying to steer him in the right direction.

But who knows when this book will be finished? In the short term, on February 21st, I’m presenting a pick of the radio archive for Radio 4 Extra. The three-hour slot includes an episode from Sue Limb’s Wordsmiths at Gorsemere, Tom Stoppard’s Albert’s Bridge, and a fascinating half-hour feature about the American radio comedy duo, Bob and Ray. It was a joy to make.




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